Why Experts Prefer To Use Radial Arm Saw As An Alternative To A Table Saw

The common woodworker would usually overlook the capability of a radial arm saw as an alternative to a table saw when they are trying to come up with a list of all the necessary shop tools. This might be because when compared to other wood cutting tools, the radial arm saw has a slightly high expense. What they don’t know is that they can find a lot cheaper ones and if they don’t, a radial arm saw is very flexible. When one knows its capabilities they will realize that its features are equals to using more than 3 different woodworking tools, which obviously makes it a lot cheaper than buying three different wood working equipments. Many people have stated that before they weren’t fans of Radial Arm Saws but when they have started to use it, they found out that it’s a lot better than using other equipments and they never want to wood cut without it ever again.Radial Arm Saws 3 300x199 Why Experts Prefer To Use Radial Arm Saw As An Alternative To A Table Saw

The reason why many wood cutting professionals prefer the radial arm saw as an alternative to a table saw is that it has various features that let it perform different operations which make it very amazing wood cutting equipment. Although, a radial arm saw was mainly developed as a crosscut saw, it can still efficiently cut miters and bevels, rip, cut rabbets and dadoes, form moldings and in some rare instances, become a guide for a router. Though the only set back from all of the versatility of the radial arm saw is because of its difficult set up compared to other tools. For example, if one was trying to cut out compound miters, one would find it a lot quicker to set up a compound miter as well as consistently than a radial arm saw. Another example is that when you are trying to rip a stock, table saws are a lot faster setup. Though using a radial arm saw will let people perform the tasks with complete ease, which covers its very few setbacks.

If you are now convinced that it is perfect to use a radial arm saw as an alternative to a table saw, you must first know how to properly use one. Just like all the other tools out there, people should be first read and be sure that they have thoroughly understand all the instructions written in the user guide manual that comes with the radial arm saw machine before starting to use the radial arm saw. One should make sure that the radial arm saw is set up properly so that the manufacturer’s specs will not just only instruct them on the entire saw’s features but also how to properly use it to promote safety. All wood cutting tools are dangerous but with proper knowledge about how to properly use it, it can be as harmful as cotton. As just with all of the woodworking tools, the safe use of the radial arm saw is the machine’s paramount. One good tip about using a radial arm saw is that one should give extra attention to the blade guard as it keeps the blade in one safe place.


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